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Sleep Better: 7 Tips For Restful Sleep And Better Performance

ARTICLESleep Better: 7 Tips For Restful Sleep And Better Performance


Sleep Better: 7 Tips For Restful Sleep And Better Performance

A healthy and restful sleep is essential for physical well-being. Those who sleep a lot are more productive and go through the day with less stress. We give 7 valuable tips to restless sleepers.

Maybe you know that – spent the whole day in front of the screen and then tossed back and forth all night? Then you probably also know how too little sleep deteriorates performance and physical and mental well-being. The body not only needs enough exercise and a healthy diet – it also needs enough and, above all, restful sleep. When we take everyday stress into our bedroom, we literally let the enemy into our bed.

7 Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep

1. Don’t Exercise Right Before Bed

Don't Exercise Right Before Bed

Training makes you tired. Nevertheless, the work-out should not take place right before bed. Intensive exercise has a stimulating effect on the body and mind, and unfortunately, this does not have the desired effect. So if you can’t do the sport first thing in the morning, try at least a three-hour break between training and sleep so that the body has time to come back down.

2. Develop A Sleep Routine

Develop A Sleep Routine

Routines help us improve our performance through consistent practice. This applies not only to sport and mental activity, but also to sleep. Developing a sleep routine will give stability to your internal clock. A good start is to regulate bedtime as consistently as possible. This means getting up and going to bed at the same time in the morning and in the evening if possible.

3. Don’t Overeat And Avoid Caffeine

Don't Overeat And Avoid Caffeine

Nobody likes to sleep on an empty stomach, but anyone who has tried to sleep on a stomach that is too full knows how hard the body is working. So eat a light meal in the evening and avoid drinks containing caffeine. Caffeine is only completely broken down after six hours, and nothing is worse than being tired and still not being able to sleep.

4. Create The Right Sleeping Atmosphere

Create The Right Sleeping Atmosphere

A bright screen in the bedroom disrupts the internal clock. The brain does not understand that it is now bedtime. Surfing with the smartphone in bed or watching the television disturb the natural fatigue. Electronic devices should be turned off and lights dimmed for at least an hour before bed. Then tiredness comes by itself.

5. Actively Relax As A “Sleep Warmup”

Actively Relax As A "Sleep Warmup"

The mind and body need to be relaxed before going to bed. A bath relaxes your muscles, and so does your brain. But be careful: If it’s too hot, the body sweats longer, which is even more annoying in bed. In the absence of a bathtub, meditation also helps relax the mind while becoming more focused and productive. Focus on the “now,” consciously breathe in and out deeply and let yourself go. The Freeletics app also has audio courses for sleep meditation for this purpose.

6. Find The Optimal Room Temperature

Find The Optimal Room Temperature

We perceive a warm room as relaxing, especially in times when there is less movement. However, this is detrimental to healthy sleep. To sleep, the body temperature has to drop, a room temperature of 16 to 20 ° C helps the body.

7. Keep Things Tidy

Keep Things Tidy

Clutter in the bedroom also causes clutter in the brain and, therefore, stress. There are only a few movements, but the effect is amazing. Away with the dirty laundry, the bed freshly made and freshly aired. A tidy bedroom automatically creates more order in the mind. So you are calm and well prepared for sleep.


You also have to do something to ensure a healthy sleep. If you follow these seven tips, sleep will come by itself.

  • Exercise in the morning or at noon
  • Establish fixed routines and times
  • Light dinner
  • Create a sleeping atmosphere
  • Plan active relaxation
  • Ensure a cool temperature
  • Create an order for body and mind

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