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How To Use The Virtues Of Epsom Salt For Its Beauty? Tips & Recipes

How To Use The Virtues Of Epsom Salt For Its Beauty? Tips & Recipes


How To Use The Virtues Of Epsom Salt For Its Beauty? Tips & Recipes

Well known for its coarse grain of salt shape to disperse in a good bath, Epsom Salt is ideal for a moment of relaxation, pleasure and relaxation.

Beauty institutes and spas particularly appreciate this ancestral treatment to offer their clients a pure moment of well-being. Today, Epsom Salt is found in many homes. But to use the virtues of Epsom Salt and take full advantage of it, you need to know all its secrets.

How To Choose It Well?

How to choose it well?

To fully benefit from the virtues of Epsom Salt, it is advisable to use the most natural salt possible. The less the product is denatured, the better its benefits. In some shops, you will find coloured or scented Epsom Salt, it is not the purest composition, because at the base, it is neither coloured nor odorous.

The Relaxing Virtues Of Epsom Salt

The relaxing virtues of Epsom salt

Initially, it was only for its relaxing properties in a good bath that Epsom Salt was used (as well as outside the house, but that is another subject). Today, there are other methods to relax with this English salt, just as effective as they are pleasant, even if the use in the bath is still number 1.

Reduce stress with an Epsom salt bath: Who doesn’t dream of a good relaxing bath after a hard day’s work? Know that you can use, and even abuse (depending on your stress level) the relaxing virtues of Epsom Salt. It was proven a long time ago that the use of Epsom Salt in a good hot bath reduces daily stress.

Relaxed nights: Epsom salt with essential oils: If you can’t get a good night’s sleep, take a good Epsom Salt bath before bed, and you’ll sleep like a baby! The warmth of the water and the magnesium content of the salt promote nervous relaxation, which helps prepare your body for a good night’s sleep. To do this, add 3-4 handfuls of salt to your bath, with a few drops of essential oils (neroli x5 and chamomile x5).

Relieves muscle pain: A workout too intense? Too long a posture? You may have some muscle pain to relieve. For this, the virtues of Epsom Salt can help you. Mix two tablespoons of Epsom salt in a little water and soak a compress in it. Place the compress on the painful area and let it act. You will quickly feel the benefits.

The Virtues Of Epsom Beauty Salt

The virtues of Epsom Beauty Salt

Mainly, Epsom Salt is used for its relaxing properties, but recently we have also used it in beauty treatments: for the body, face, feet or hair.

Beautiful Feet

Beautiful feet

The feet are the most stressed area of ​​our body: standing, walking, running, wearing high heels, etc. To relieve our little feet after a long day (or night!), An Epsom Salt foot bath will do you the greatest good. In addition to the relaxing effect, salt mixed with hot water will help boost your blood circulation. Pour two handfuls of Epsom Salt in a basin and let it act.

An Excellent Exfoliant

An excellent exfoliant

Epsom salt is an excellent exfoliant, and it can give a second youth to your cracked heels. However, the use of Epsom Salt is not only for the feet, you can exfoliate your whole body with these large grains: face, skin, hand, etc. Thus, you will be able to sport a magnificent peach skin and a radiant complexion all year round without breaking the bank in expensive and industrial scrubs.

Volume For Your Hair

Volume for your hair

By adding a few grains in your hair products, you can fully benefit from the many virtues of Epsom Salt for the hair:

  • Decrease in sebum;
  • Lightness of the hair fiber;
  • More volume;
  • Brighter hair;
  • Less frequent shampoos.

Ideally, mix your usual conditioner with Epsom Salt (1: 1 ratio). For example, 100ml of Epsom salt and 100ml of conditioner. Wash your head with your shampoo, rinse, then apply the mixture directly to your hair, being careful to cover your scalp completely to the ends. Once the preparation is applied, leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. This can be done about once a week to have beautiful, supple and silky hair.

The Virtues Of Epsom Salt For Well-Being And Health

The virtues of Epsom salt for well-being and health

In addition to having relaxing and beauty benefits, Epsom Salt has health and well-being virtues. For example :

  • Do a deep cleansing of the body
  • Allows to treat an onset of flu symptoms
  • Have better digestion
  • Stimulate transit;
  • Etc.

Is Epsom Salt Dangerous?

Is Epsom salt dangerous

Before you leave, there is one more thing you should know. The virtues of Epsom Salt are numerous, and it is rather well tolerated by all the people who use it. However, it is not recommended if you have heart problems, high blood pressure, edema, kidney failure, or skin problems. Ideally, ask your doctor for advice before using Epsom Salt.

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