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9 Fun Facts About The Magical World Of Harry Potter!



9 Fun Facts About The Magical World Of Harry Potter!

A real Potterhead never stops looking more and more about the Harry Potter story. After all, this is the story that marked the life of an entire generation!

So we’ve separated some curiosities from the Harry Potter books and movies that may be new to some of you – may be not to the Potterheads on duty – so grab your wands and enjoy the magic!

1. Five Years Of Rules

Five Years Of Rules

JK Rowling said that in the 1st 5 years that she devoted herself to creating the magical world of Harry Potter, she spent a good deal of time deciding what her characters could and could not do with her magic.

2. One Of Daniel Radcliffe’s Stuntmen Became Paraplegic After An Accident In Deathly Hallows

One Of Daniel Radcliffe's Stuntmen Became Paraplegic After An Accident In Deathly Hallows

David Holmes, the stuntman for Daniel Radcliffe, who lived in the series’ protagonist, was injured during the recording of Deathly Hallows, when an explosion threw him against a wall, and he broke his neck. The accident happened in January 2009, and the stuntman was paralyzed.

3. Maggie Smith Battled Cancer While Filming

Maggie Smith battled cancer while filming

During the recording of Prince Mestizo and the Deathly Hallows, actress Maggie Smith, who played the strict and sensible Professor McGonagall, had to battle with something other than the villain Voldemort. Offscreen, she was facing heavy treatment for breast cancer. The treatment was a success, and today her health is perfect, but it must have been a bit complicated to manage the time in the set and the heavy treatment against the disease.

4. Tom Felton’s Pockets Were Sewn

Tom Felton's Pockets Were Sewn

During the recording of The Prisoner of Azkaban, the pockets of the school robes of Tom Felton, the actor who lived in Draco Malfoy, and much of the cast were sewn to prevent him from hiding food.

5. Inspiration For Dementors

Inspiration For Dementors

Rowling admitted that Dementors, in fact, are a physical description of her own experience with depression for many years. The whole feeling of “sucking happiness” that the monsters cause, was what the author lived when she was in depression.

6. A Hole In History

A Hole In History

Rowling said it was after she had already written half of The Goblet of Fire, that she realized she had left a big hole in the plot and had to go back and fix it, which is why the book ended up getting so long. Not that we’re complaining, but it was the first book in the Harry Potter franchise to have so many chapters.

7. Sleeping Holding Hands

Sleeping holding hands

Maybe this is just a happy fan association, but it’s always fun to see the theories and creative stories that fans can find between the lines of the stories. One of these theories begins with the Deathly Hallows scene, in which Harry watches Ron and Hermione sleeping hand in hand. Hermione’s patronus an otter, who is known for sleeping hand in hand in a super cute way. Ron’s patron is a Jack Russell Terrier, a breed of dog known for chasing otters. Did you notice that?

8. Marauders Die Smiling

Marauders Die Smiling

Both Fred Wesley and Sirius Black, two naughty boys of different generations, died smiling.

9. JK Rowling Regrets Hermione Ending Ron Instead Of Harry

JK Rowling Regrets Hermione Ending Ron Instead Of Harry

It is not new that JK thought about killing poor Ron at one point in the books. A reflection of her being at a not-so-cool moment in her life, made her think about discounting the character, even though her initial plans were to keep the main trio alive until the end. And how good she kept it.

But did you know that she regrets putting Hermione together with Ron as a couple? That she preferred that the smartest student of her generation ended up with Harry? Rowling said she believed that Ron would never make Hermione happy and that Emma Watson, who lived the little witch in theaters, agrees.

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